Chengdu Cleantech Investments: March 2010

1. Chengdu’s power saving technology world-leading, filling domestic gap
On March 12th, Chengdu Gaowei Power Saving Technology Co., Ltd officially announced its latest R&D results costing 6 years and a few million yuan – the energy-saving technology and equipment of the submerged arc furnace and electric arc furnace. It is reported that this power-saving technology not only fills the domestic blank, but also situates itself at the advanced level in the industry around the world; 30 billion kilowatt-hours may be spared annually in China when fully exploited.

2. CLP Investment Group’s new energy project settled in Shuangliu
Another important promotion action for the building of the new energy industry of Chengdu: CPI Jinyuan Group Co., Ltd, subsidiary of CLP Investment Group, is to invest in Shuangliu to develop the Sichuan headquarters base and new energy development project, and the signing ceremony of the investment cooperation was held on March 18th in the county. According to the agreement, the total capital of “Sichuan Water Energy Co., Ltd” newly set up in Chengdu by CPI Jinyuan Group will reach 30 billion yuan in 2015.

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