Supplier Engagement Group Rocher


As part of a pilot program to reduce regulatory risk and improve the transparency and quality processes of supply chains, Collective Responsibility were tasked to facilitate a series of supplier workshops for the client. The objectives were to deliver a strategy that would insure and verify raw material compliance on tier 2 factories, and to design a traceability system allowing the client to segregate non-compliant lots, and be able to link a raw material batch to a finished product.


  • Half-day preparation session with Groupe Rocher team to curate agenda, questions and expected outcomes.
  • Conducted 2 days of parallel sessions between Suppliers and Groupe Rocher
  • Collected, combined and structured the outcomes from parallel workshop sessions into final bi-lingual report


  • Developed a system to evaluate the differing levels of current compliance and traceability of suppliers.
  • Identified opportunities and road-maps for all suppliers to improve their raw materials compliance and traceability systems.
  • Increased awareness for both the client and Suppliers of the risks of non-compliance and the need to move beyond