2025 BASF Co-Creation Workshop


  • There is an increasing awareness among global companies to look at how their business and product innovations can aid in solving the world’s environmental, social and economic issues.
  • In an effort to drive this internal awareness, BASF enlisted Collective Responsibility to create and facilitate an ideation workshop based on “connecting people for innovation to bring a sustainable future.”


  • Created a tangible relationship between environmental, social, and economic challenges faced globally, BASF’s 2025 vision, and the role of participants.
  • Provided participants the opportunity to gain tangible insights on issues that will be faced by 2025, and the role of innovation to provide solutions.
  • Engaged 40 internal (R&D managers) and 20 external stakeholders (clients, vendors, and academic)

Outcomes & Impact

  • Identified immediate commercial opportunities between BASF and participant stakeholders.
  • Resulted in expansion of Regional “Connect to Inspire” Engagements platform.
  • Generated new internal collaborations to capture leads on 2025 trends.