New Report: Building a Sustainability Ambassador Network

“When done well, [an ambassador program] will allow the firm to develop not just a strong core of ambassadors, but will help it to execute on its sustainability goals, change the organization’s culture, and put itself in the position to call itself a leader of sustainability in its industry.” 

One of our goals as an organization is to help businesses envision and create meaningful sustainable change, for the benefit of the business and society at large. We know the emerging environmental, social and economic challenges we face will be great, but firmly believe in the role that businesses can play in developing sustainability solutions.

For this reason we developed the report, “Building a Sustainability Ambassador Network”. This aims to provide context, the business case and a series of tangible steps for firms to consider while building a network of sustainability ambassadors.

The context is simple: the global challenges that lay before us are overwhelming ecological and economic systems. At the same time, businesses are beginning to realize the potential of sustainability to cut costs, attract, retain and engage good employees, drive innovation and manage risks. Both this need and desire for change is what will drive it. The business case provided for building a sustainability ambassador network offers a unique perspective to organizations, but only if they are fully invested. The tangible steps and accompanying case study will finally lay a comprehensive foundation on which to build your successful ambassador program. With all this said, we invite you to read through the guide (let it speak for itself) and get inspired to create change in your firm.

To download Building a Sustainability Ambassador Network, please click here.

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