Upcoming BeyondBAU Event: Sustainability, Design, and Innovation

With many sustainability focused conversations speaking to the role of consumer habits, resources, and waste, in this session of Beyond Business As Usual, we will look at several cases of where firms have begun a process of recalibrating their business models through the (re)design of product, process, and people.

A process for each firm that will have begun with a single catalyst, but will have required different paths, and through these lessons we hope to engage, inspire, and equip participants such as CSR managers, Sustainability Advocators, Social Enterprise Practitioners, Change Makers who are looking to move their organizations beyond inspiration.

Moderator – Richard Brubaker
Founder, Collective Responsibility
Adjunct Professor, Sustainability and Responsible Leadership, China Europe International Business School
Acting as a catalyst to driving sustainability, Richard is focused on building platforms that promote long term organizational capacity to address the economic, environmental, and social hurdles that China faces as the country’s economic growth accelerates. Richard has overseen the development and execution of more than 200 projects focused on solving the social, environmental, and economic challenges that are faced in Asia

Keynote Speaker – Erin Meezan
Interface, Inc, Vice President of Sustainability
Interface is more than a carpet company. It is global in presence, thought, and action. With strong commitment in sustainability, Interface advocates “doing well by doing good”. Driven by the mission of “Design with a Purpose”, Interface incorporates quality product, visual aesthetic and thoughtful business strategy for the sustainability of our future.

Panelist – Raefer Wallis
Owner, A00 Architecture
Founder, GIGA Foundation
Founder of A00 Architecture and also principal founder of GIGA: an organization doing research in positive impact architecture and green building materials. Recipient of numerous awards for design and design sustainability, he was recently listed by CNN as one of the top 20 people to watch in Shanghai. The work of GIGA was also recently celebrated by the Clinton Global Initiative.

A00′s portfolio includes over 60 built projects in China, including URBN hotels (China’s first green hotel / Asia’s first carbon neutral hotel), Double-Hill Eco-Retreat and Naked Stables Eco-Retreat. A00 is also responsible for pioneering the use of modern rammed earth construction in China

Panelist – Christopher Tam
Cofounder, Evergreen

Evergreen is a social enterprise that makes it easy, fun, and rewarding to be eco-conscious in our everyday lives.  Through technology and a unique combination of education, motivation, and measurement, Evergreen helps us answer our perennial concern: “What can I do to help save the planet?” and enables us to actually start doing it!

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