Robots, the Future Jobs, and More Sustainability Career Advice | #AskTheCollective 007

As a follow-up to our previous episode in #AskTheCollective, “How to Start Your Career in Sustainability or CSR”, in 007 we help answer a deeper question about finding one’s first job in the field, and then open a discussion about the future of jobs and what we should teach our kids to prepare them.

It is a huge episode, and as always, we hope you find these questions and answers enjoyable and useful – and possibly gain some new insights.  If you do, then please like, comment, and share!  Check out the full playlist here, and if you want to be notified of the next episode in advance, then please subscribe!

Oh, and enjoy a bit of Bond theme, in honor of 007.

#AskTheCollective is a series built entirely on answering your questions, and through it we hope to provide a different level of value to our community.

It is an open platform, and we hope that through it you will find ways to learn about the challenges faced. But more importantly, we hope that through these answers, you will discover strategic and/or tactical insights that help you to move from inspiration to action.

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Check out the full playlist here.

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