Turning Sustainability Into a Game Every Employee Will Love

I’m convinced that the only way that we can move towards a true measure of sustainability is to find ways to embed it within the threads of our daily actions, and in a way that are not readily apparent to anyone.  And in reading the recent article on Fast Company  What sustainability efforts could learn from Angry Birds, I thought that they hit the mark in many ways.

The list was:

1. Align employees’ personal sustainability goals with corporate sustainability vision and goals
2. Visibly allocate and reward in connection with sustainability budgets and targets
3. Bring a fun, innovative and competitive approach through the use of game mechanics that includes challenges, badges, levels, rewards and leader boards
4. Deliver practical sustainability challenges relevant to an employee’s experience
5. Bring a social networking style of collaboration and communication that drives successful employee-led sustainability initiatives
6. Harvest employees sustainability and cost reduction ideas
7. Create a workplace ethic that attracts and retains the very best employees

… and if I could add three items to the list, it would be:

1) Help employees understand that different birds (tools) have different uses.  Some are useful in breaking down walls, while others are good with glass and knocking things over

2) It is a game that comes down to understanding where weaknesses (in the current system) exist and knowing the best angle and speed to destroy old habits and ideas

3) Screaming is part of the game.  So, turn the volume and have fun.

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