Join the 2010 Greennovate Earth Day Extravaganza!

If you are looking for something to do on Earth Day,then look no further than the Greennovate Earth Day event.

A full compound affair, this year Greennovate has a lot of activities that will help participants learn about ways they can improve their lives, community and environment in very tangible ways:

It might sound like we want you to do all our work for us, but don’t worry! The idea is that to make amazing things happen, everyone has to do their part. We’ve gathered some of Shanghai’s best and brightest environmental and artistic minds together to show you just how that can be done: our workshops will demonstrate some great ways to make your life more eco-friendly. We also want to show you how to integrate cool green ideas and trends into your everyday routine. There’s something we can all do, it’s just that we all have to do it!

On the agenda:

  1. “Bring it Back” Fashion Show
  2. Cool Your Bike Workshop
  3. Concert by Jammala
  4. Green Voices of Shanghai
  5. Plant Your Own Garden
  6. Become a GECKO Trainer

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