Henkel Training for Asia-Pacific Marketing and Communications Team

The ChallengeHenkel - Collective Responsibility

As part of our engagement to develop the Asia-level sustainability strategy for Henkel, Collective Responsibility developed and delivered a two-day training for their Asia-Pacific marketing and communications team. This training was designed to ensure that teams had a full understanding of the strategy, as well as key trends in the regions, in order to create more strategic and impactful engagements in each market.


  • Conducted a training session for Asia Pacific Marketing and Communications teams to improve understanding of sustainability and Henkel’s APAC strategy.
  • Created awareness of issues that Asia is facing, and provided case studies as learning tools.
  • Created FAQ as a guide to answer contextual / technical questions, and developed local contacts for local team to follow up with.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Helped multiple markets understand how to improve their key messages, and align them with global messaging.
  • Identified opportunities to develop Asia-level sustainability programming and executive engagements.
  • Moved key topics of brand, reputation, and transparency forward.

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