Sustainability Communications Training: Henkel

Building the capacity of middle and senior Asia Pacific managers to deliver locally relevant sustainability programs, events, and engagements.

Kasper Rorsted
CEO, Henkel

The Challenge

As part of our engagement to develop the Asia-level sustainability strategy for Henkel, Collective Responsibility developed and delivered a two-day training for their Asia-Pacific marketing and communications team.

This training was designed to ensure that teams had a full understanding of the strategy, as well as key trends in the regions, in order to create more strategic and impactful engagements in each market.


  • Conducted a training session for Asia Pacific Marketing and Communications teams to improve understanding of sustainability and Henkel’s APAC strategy.
  • Created awareness of issues that Asia is facing, and provided case studies as learning tools.
  • Created FAQ as a guide to answer contextual / technical questions, and developed local contacts for local team to follow up with.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Helped multiple markets understand how to improve their key messages, and align them with global messaging.
  • Identified opportunities to develop Asia-level sustainability programming and executive engagements.
  • Moved key topics of brand, reputation, and transparency forward.