CSR Manager Training: Starbucks

The Challenge

For Starbucks, the Greater China region provides the greatest opportunities for investment and operations outside of the U.S. Therefore, their community investment strategy plays a crucial role in establishing themselves as a long-term partner in the region.

In order to ensure that these initiatives remain impactful and aligned with their current global strategy, they engaged Collective Responsibility to equip their CSR regional managers with the tools necessary to ensure their programming would provide long-term engagement and participation with their local partners.


  • Provided the development of foundation strategy for China programming.
  • Developed and conducted one-day intensive training session for Greater China CSR Team.
  • Led managers in training about project and partner development, employee engagement, on-site management and impact assessment/reporting.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Created alignment and localization of Starbucks CSR program strategy with global structure and goals.
  • Established engagement and empowerment of Greater China staff which has increased number of Starbucks local programs and scale of international program (in China).