June Zhang

Sustainability Consultant

June Zhang is the Sustainability Consultant at Collective Responsibility developing research on a range of sustainability issues in China. She is currently researching the food waste disposal system and electronic waste stream in Shanghai, as well as worker well-being programs for the China manufacturing labor market.

Before joining Collective Responsibility, she was an engineering researcher for the energy sector in the UK and later was involved in product development for indoor air quality control systems in Shanghai.

She has a passion for traveling and social impact projects. She once hitchhiked across 10 countries in Europe in 9 days raising £1000 for well-deserving charities in England including Children’s Hospital and Sheffield Wildlife Trust.

June received her Master’s degree in Environmental & Energy Engineering from the University of Sheffield in England. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from North West University in China. June is a native Mandarin speaker and is fluent in English.