Emily Wang

Account Manager

Emily Wang joined Collective Responsibility in April 2018 as the Corporate Account Manager, overseeing the membership and corporate partnerships of the firm. Emily graduated from The University of Shanghai for Science & Technology (USST) and received her Master’s degree in Cultural Management in Barcelona, Spain.

Emily has experience working with nonprofits, governments, and businesses in Europe and China. She was an organizer of the 2014 Earth Day Event in USST and the project leader of the “Green Roof” Enactus USST program, partnering with KPMG. She also has experience working with the Spanish government and European Commission in Barcelona at Casa Asia.

Emily is experienced in sales and marketing and facilitated the Spanish international trade company, Messless, and the Barcelona Creative Tourism Network in entering the Chinese market. Emily is a native Mandarin speaker and speaks and reads English and Spanish at a professional level.