Weekly News: Recycled Plastic is BS, Hong Kong Wildlife, and Private Equity Struggles to Do Good

With so much going on in the realm of sustainability, leadership, and innovation, and only a limited amount of bandwidth for professionals in this space, we have created this weekly news to highlight articles that we feel are (1) important, (2) relevant, and (3) interesting in the areas of business sustainability.

If you have an article that you feel needs to be mentioned, please let us know in the comments section below!

Private-Equity Firm Abraaj Raised Billions Pledging to Do Good—Then It Fell Apart – Coming on the news that Social Capital is itself struggling to find its path, here is another article on another fund struggling to find its business model (for good).

The rising use of recycled plastic in design is “bullshit” says Jan Boelen – While we are all starting to accept that we have a problem with disposable plastics, there is still clearly a need for better solutions.

Switching to plant-based protein could increase America’s food supply by a third – When someone says “you can’t feed the world on organics”, they often fail to appreciate how much land is dedicated to the production of animal based proteins. Reduce our consumption of those, and the land available to feed more people on less land becomes possible.

Quick guide to the wonderful wildlife in Hong Kong – For those of you living in, or planning to visit, Hong Kong, here is a short article about some of the wildlife that can been seen. As you might already have guessed, it’s a short list.

A Vegan Guide to Snacks & Street Food in Hong Kong – While Hong Kong has some of the region’s best street food, the majority of it is animal protein based. To help those who are vegan or vegetarian navigate the city, Greedy Vegans have put together this awesome guide of street eats.

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