The Challenge

With the growing number of social enterprise initiatives among young professionals and students, providing frameworks for these entrepreneurs to build their business is important. Looking to support recent entrepreneurial graduates in developing and building their business ideas, Hong Kong Polytechnic engaged Collective Responsibility to develop a practical online platform for students and alumni of the Entrepreneurship Center Microfund program.


  • Prepared and submitted a specification on the design and development of an intelligent computer-aided self-learning tool on entrepreneurship education to aid users in learning the purpose and use of concepts and related building components for running a business.
  • Analyzed existing platforms to develop baseline modules, design elements and ecosystem features.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Developed practical tools and resources for creating startups, which were supplemented by other online entrepreneurship learning kits, workshops, and in-person classroom lectures/ workshops.
  • Increased engagement of tool through developing a content strategy, case studies, videos, and examples.