Nestle Executive Leadership


In collaboration with the London Business School, Collective Responsibility was engaged to provide the training curriculum and facilitation for their global leadership program in Guangzhou, China. The purpose of this program was to introduce participants to the challenges and opportunities in emerging markets and gain new perspectives for the future in terms of changes in technology, institutions, demographics, the environment and social norms.

Understanding the current internal and external challenges in addressing sustainability issues in the digital world, we created modules to encourage these leaders to look at new ways to create effective change and long-term impact.


  • Developed sustainability-focused curriculum for senior-level managers from Nestle’s worldwide locations.
  • Conducted half-day training focused on building awareness around megatrends and catalysts for change; responsible leadership strategies; and methods for authentic engagement.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Trained 60 managers in preparation for Nestle leadership program in Switzerland