2016 Bayer Allergies Hackathon


Allergies are among the most common chronic conditions worldwide. A number of trigger such as food, dust and pollen are responsible for allergic reactions, and activate symptoms are in the nose, lungs, throat, or on the skin. Allergies have significant economic impacts, with food allergies alone costing an estimated $24.8 billion worldwide every year. Allergies can also have catastrophic health consequences, and can cause anxiety and loneliness to those who have to live with them through-out their lives. The scale and impact of allergies in China continue to grow, as a result of changing lifestyles, severe air pollution, a lack of credible accesses to diagnosis information, and a lack of awareness about preventative treatment.

Improving quality of life is always at the core of Bayer’s businesses, and Bayer is keen to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to co-create innovative business solutions to tackle the challenges of allergies in China.

Held on June 17-18 in Shanghai, the Bayer Allergies Hackathon will engage six university teams in 24 hours to create [PLATFORM] that is going to […].


Participating teams will engage with speakers from Bayer and [PARTICIPATING COMPANIES, BIG NAMES], will work side by side with business designers from Frog[/IDEO], and will receive one-on-one support from leading entrepreneurs throughout the ideation and presentation process.


Participants will ultimately present their proposals in front of senior industry experts. The best-performing teams will win [SMART DEVICES], an exclusive briefing with senior executives from Bayer, and most importantly opportunities for 2016 internships with Bayer China!


  • Open to currently enrolled undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students
  • Teams must be 5-6 students in size
  • Teams with diverse backgrounds in marketing, business, pharmaceutical and medical highly preferred
  • Proficiency in English a must

Registration is now open! Scan QR code below to register:

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To learn more, please contact: Ms. Chuli Duan
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 159 0072 9072