Starbucks CSR Manager Training

The Challenge: Starbucks CSR

While in the process of localizing outreach initiatives, a global retail chain asked Collective Responsibility to assist them in developing a platform for their 10 China level CSR managers. Tasked with both program development and execution, many of these managers were new to the field of CSR, and were new to the internal group that had been formed. To help develop a common knowledge and issue base for the managers to work from, and to develop a sense of cohesion among the managers, Collective Responsibility developed a one day intensive training session where Starbucks CSR managers learned about project identification, partner development, internal fundraising, project management, and reporting, which was followed up by an offsite volunteer experience.


  • Provided the development of foundation strategy for China programming.
  • Developed and conducted one-day intensive training session for Greater China CSR Team.
  • Led managers in training about project development and management, employee engagement and impact assessment/reporting.

Outcomes & Impact:

  • Created alignment and localization of Starbucks CSR program strategy with global structure and goals.
  • Established engagement and empowerment of Greater China staff which has increased number of Starbucks local programs and scale of international program (in China).

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