Shanghai University Social Enterprise Course

The Challenge: Shanghai University

In a time where “established” economic models have created fissures between the economy, environment and society, social enterprises have been seen as providing a new way of doing business. To raise understanding of these new models and highlight the opportunities, issues and challenges that social enterprises (and their entrepreneurs) face, Collective Responsibility developed a curriculum for Shanghai University to engage students through a series of lectures, readings, case study, panels, group projects and site visits.


  • Developed a two-day social innovation and entrepreneurship immersion class for two Shanghai University MBA cohorts.
  • Deepened student understanding of social innovation and entrepreneurial leadership at the global level and within China.
  • Increased student awareness of economic, environmental, and social issues faced in China, and the role of social enterprises as solution providers.
  • Highlight ways in which large firms are now embracing tenants of social entrepreneurship/”intrepreneurship” to develop new socially valued products and services.

Outcomes & Impact:

  • Engaged 75 students, whom applied academic lessons learned through a group project which showcased students’ ability to identify issues of concern and develop a viable business model to address that issue

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