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The Challenge: ILO Forum

ILO - Collective Responsibility

While the case for CSR and sustainability has increased in terms of public awareness and corporate practice, many academic institutions are still struggling to identify ways to incorporate these topics into their curricula. In order to develop a platform that would bring these topics into the core curricula and clubs of Asia’s leading business schools, Collective Responsibility partnered with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to analyze the vision, curricula and capacity across Asia’s leading business schools through an ILO Forum.


  • Developed and conducted a survey of business school deans and professors from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Singapore.
  • Created a segmentation analysis of each school by their vision, capacity, curriculum and clubs.
  • Developed and executed a pilot workshop for 100 participants representing leading Thai businesses and business schools.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Created an Asia-level understanding for business school education in the area of social responsibility and sustainability.
  • Built a regional-level segmentation and engagement analysis for customized programming, curriculum development and student clubs.
  • Built the business case for a new portfolio of activities within the ILO to focus on increased leadership capacity in management roles versus technical fixes on the factory floor.

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