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In this episode of Sustainability Ambassadors, we speak with Nitin Dani, Founder of Green Initiatives to learn about the work that he has done in Shanghai to develop one of the strongest platforms for sustainability minded young professionals to come together, to be engaged, and be catalyzed to act.

It is an interview that offers a lot of insights into how he, as a young entrepreneur, had taken this organization from a monthly gathering over drinks, to an organization that views impact as its primary measurement of success and has come up with innovative products, services, and programs for the GI members to use as a medium for change.

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Nitin Dani is an architect by profession and an environmentalist at heart. In Shanghai he works full-time as a Project Director with GIGA, an organization working on material research, cloud software and indoor air quality certification. He is also the Founder an Director of nonprofit organization Green Initiatives (formerly Green Drinks China).

Green Initiatives GI is an environmental nonprofit organization that focuses on education, awareness and action on environmental issues through events, workshops, short-term campaigns and longterm impact projects for the community.

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