Green Ambassador Program

The Challenge

As part of an effort to internalize key components of a sustainability program roll-out, and drive a culture of sustainability within the organization, Collective Responsibility was asked to work with our client to develop a green ambassador training curriculum for their university recruits.


  • Developed a three year curriculum for new hires.
  • Created a series of events, workshops, and projects that would help students understand sustainability, the firm’s sustainability strategy, and how to be champions of the strategy within the firm.
  • Provided opportunities for students to develop programs that would increase the sustainability of their business unit’s people, products, and processes.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Engaged 90 new recruits within the first year.
  • Successful first-year programs completed with second cycle to begin in September 2014.
  • High-level of engagement reported by Training & Development team and business unit leaders.

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