Disaster Response Assessment

The Challenge: Disaster Response Assessment

When the 5.12 earthquake struck in Sichuan, China, a nationwide call for donations was made and hundreds of millions of individuals and companies responded. It was a time of unprecedented giving, but in the wake of the Red Cross scandal, a time where the need for transparency was vastly important. Collective Responsibility was tasked by Chinese disaster relief officials to conduct a disaster response assessment of foreign donors to better understand the actions of corporate donors and how the system for disaster relief giving could be improved.


  • Interviewed 15 local and global executives to understand their firm’s donation process.
  • Measured the quality of their giving experience, and expectations of impact from their earthquake donations.
  • Built an understanding of how to improve the quality of service provided by NGOs in China, which could lead to more stable partnerships.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Produced a report that was presented to senior officials in the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and included as part of policies that raised requirements for increased NGO transparency.

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