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The Challenge: i2i Business Planning

There is a persistent gap between impact investors who have financial capital and social businesses that need this capital to scale for impact. Investors are looking to make relatively low-risk and high impact financial investments in sophisticated, later-stage social businesses. Collective Responsibility, in collaboration with SOW Asia, was tasked to create an i2i Business Planning program that would provide social businesses a higher probability to attract impact investment capital and scale.


  • Created and implemented a new model for incubating early stage social ventures in Hong Kong.
  • Assisted in the development and review of foundation grants.
  • Created an incubation curriculum for early incubatees.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Created a multi-segment incubation model to support entrepreneurs and early stage startups.
  • Successfully received a match-funding offer.
  • Second round of enterprises are now in residence.

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